What will my dogs' photo shoot be like?

Before any photo shoot we will chat about whether you would prefer an outdoor or studio shoot. In both cases, we will discuss your dog(s), their character and the things that they like and don't like. A more timid dog, for example, may prefer an outdoor shoot whilst a confident dog is likely to be completely un-phased by the studio and the lights. Once we have decided on the location we will agree a time and day to suit you and your dog.

When we meet on location the shoot will be guided by your dog(s). Whether outside or in studio, I will ask you to let them off lead (if you are comfortable that this is safe for your dog) and I will watch them for a few minutes to get an initial idea of them. After this, we will make a start. I will probably need your help to get the best and most interesting/fun shots. This could well involve you calling your dog so that s/he runs towards you (and me!), or for you to throw a ball or toy. It may also involve you dashing out of the shot too … so be prepared! Of course, if you would like some images of you with your dog(s) that will be absolutely fine.

Rest assured, we won't be asking your dog(s) to do anything they are not comfortable with.

How many dogs can I bring along?

For my standard priced shoots you can bring from one to four dogs, depending on what option you choose. If you would like to bring more, please contact me for a price. Thank you.

What locations do you use?

Love Dogs Photography uses a range of locations across North Yorkshire from coast to moors. Please let us know if you have a location that is meaningful to you, or where you know your dog(s) will be happy and relaxed. Different locations are used at different times of the day to make the most of the light. For example, a beach shoot in Scarborough may be best done in the early morning to take advantage of the sunrise. For locations over 10 miles from Scarborough I charge an additional mileage rate of 40p per mile.

What time of day will my photo shoot be?

Studio shoots can be at any time of day between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. My studio is located in Scarborough.
Outdoor shoots are best done in the early morning around sunrise or in the afternoon as sunset is approaching. This is so that we can take advantage of the soft light at these times of day.

How many photos will I get?

We don't offer a minimum or maximum number of images from a photo shoot. The average is around 20 images for you to choose from.

What happens after the photo shoot?

After the shoot we will process your images and put them in a gallery on our website within 7 days. You will then be able to browse your images, choose your free print(s) and any others that you would like. Images are available as prints, canvases, photo books as well as a range of other products and gifts. A full list of prices is available on my website.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my photo shoot?

The only weather that will prevent an outdoor shoot going ahead is rain. The weather doesn't have to be sunny to get great shots. In fact, sometimes darker days can lead to lovely moody shots! In studio, of course, the weather doesn't matter!

Will the studio lights bother my dog(s)?

We introduce dog(s) to the lights steadily and most are completely un-phased by them. Some take a little longer to get used to them but because we work hard to make each session a 'play-time' dogs soon relax and have fun. Very occasionally a dog will not be able to relax in the studio setting, in which case we will not proceed - this is because your dog comes first and if s/he is under stress it is not fair to continue. When this happens customers are offered the opportunity to upgrade to an outdoor shoot.

What is the best time of year for my photo shoot?

We can take great shots all year round. Spring brings out the daffodils and bluebells, whilst summer gives us long days and blue skies. Autumn is beautiful with falling leaves and all those lovely autumnal colours and winter can bring stunning backgrounds with snow, frost and those crisp blue skies.